hi, i'm alyson



The Color Pink, good design, Cats, naps, the office, pizza, haircuts, diet dr. pepper, always sunny in philadelphia, los angeles, bright colors, silicon valley, loud music, cheese and crackers, travel, lounging poolside, lighting Candles.

waking up early, allergies, mosquito bites, when my cat hates me and scratches me, staying in one place too long, skirts, shaving because i'm so lazy, cooked carrots, sticky messes.

As most creative endeavors start, I just wanted to find something I love doing and turn that into a full time job. However, sometimes it pops up in the most unexpected way. I started BASH in 2015 as a blog, sharing DIY projects, snippets of my life, and even recipes. When I wanted to redesign the site last year, I couldn’t afford a developer and stumbled upon Showit5. With no coding necessary and a badass drag and drop system, I fell in love instantly! I learned every little thing I could and started showing my friends and employers this amazing platform. 

Eventually that morphed into designing websites for other creatives out there. It only seemed fitting to build this design studio for other small biz owners and creatives who need direction and at an affordable price. From an interior designer to a marketing and brand consultant, this is where my design career took me and I couldn’t be happier. The same principles still apply no matter what you design, and every detail is thoughtfully curated just for you. With this knowledge I can help you take that leap to build a business that is not only gorgeous, but has you written all over it.

I was born in Huntington Beach, California and moved to Washington when I was a youngin'. I’ve been up here in the Evergreen State ever since, even though I do love and miss California so freaking much. I make sure to visit once a year, preferably travelling down 101. I live with my boyfriend, Griffin, in Columbia City which is right outside downtown Seattle. Our place is hella cute. We also have an orange cat, named after the starting pitcher of the Seattle Mariners. Can you guess who that is?!

"sometimes i'll start a sentence and i don't even know where it's going. i just hope i find it along the way."                        

- Michael Scott

Go snorkeling in Molokini, off the Maui Coast.

Start my own Business.

Drive down the Amalfi Coast
in the Spring.

my bucket list