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Welcome to my site! I tend to dabble in lots of things and can never stay in one place! I love to share DIYs and all sorts of fun stuff on the blog, but I offer anything from web design to soap! (yep, I said soap! That's Phase 2 for this site!)

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What about alyson?

BASH is a bright and modern lifestyle blog that’s centered around DIY living and fun interiors. I started it back in 2014 and slowly started hitting my groove at the end of 2015. BASH has been featured on Buzzfeed, Brit & Co. and Hooray Mag, plus I have worked with brands like Method Home, Kiehl's, and Old Navy.

The name signifies the importance of bringing the party into your home everyday, whether that means bright colors or playful graphics. On that note, I decided to expand BASH into a party online as well. I found I'm passionate about helping others brighten up their lives and businesses with fun designs. If you're into colorful branding, you're in for a treat! I want to make your experience AHH-MAZINGGG!

what is
bash studio?

I was born in Huntington Beach, California and moved to Washington when I was a youngin'. I’ve been up here in the Evergreen State ever since, even though I do love and miss California so freaking much. I make sure to visit once a year, preferably travelllng down 101.

I live with my boyfriend, Griffin, in Columbia City which is right outside downtown Seattle. Our place is hella cute. We also have an orange cat, named after the starting pitcher of the Seattle Mariners. Can you guess who that is?!

alyson LOTT

more this way

I absolutely love travelling! My goal for the next 2 years is to really focus on places to go and check stuff off my bucket list. If you have any tips on cheap travel, I'm all ears!

I love a good desert, especially Vegas! If you haven't been to this Neon Museum you are missing out,

& that

Lets' talk TV, shall we? I watch way too much of it and quote The Office on a daily basis….or Seinfeld. It’s all relatable. Larry David is my favorite human, so please watch Clear History. And Silicon Valley, because it makes me laugh-cry.

I’m also very sarcastic and channel my inner Chandler Bing in the most awkward situations. 


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