I'm so crazy about celebrating a little lady time every February! We have so much fun passing out cards and drinking some much deserved wine, gossiping about what happened on Real Housewives...

january 21, 2017

Even though I try to paint the internet with color on a weekly basis, I have to admit my wardrobe is a little less diverse...

january 5, 2017

I am so excited about this little clay DIY project! I’ve been getting kits from We Make Collective for the past few months but have only played around with a few items... 

August 17, 2016


A Little About The Bash Logo I Love So Much!

A Little About The Bash Logo I Love So Much!

After a year of blogging as BASH Studio, I am finally getting around to sharing my logo by the insanely talented Courtney from Hibrid! I’m still in love with this logo, it just fits my brand and aesthetic so well, don’t you think?! I can’t imagine ever have another one!

A Little About The Bash Logo I Love So Much!

A Little About The Bash Logo I Love So Much!

If you’ve followed along over here since 2014, I switched my name from Design Day Pass to Sugar and Bash… I don’t know what it is that’s so difficult about choosing a name, but when you first start blogging it feels like it needs to be perfect! FYI – it doesn’t. I liked both these names for a bit, but it didn’t quite capture what I was going for. Finally I dropped Sugar and added a Studio! I always loved the word bash instead of party, it just feels so much cooler and hip, haha. I’m such a huge fan of bold colors and bright imagery, that it made sense to treat my blog like a colorful party. And now that I’ve been diving into web design and graphic design, it seems fitting to create as much of a party online as possible! It’s how I roll over here.

A Little About The Bash Logo I Love So Much!

A little over a year ago I reached out to Courtney to have her create something for my brand. I’ve been obsessed with her brush lettering for years now, and she’s probably one of my favorite creatives I met through Instagram. (Also, she just got a little Husky pup and I want to cry!!!!!!) She made me love my brand and logo more than I thought possible! As you can see, she’s also really good at putting together cool art! :)

A Little About The Bash Logo I Love So Much!

Don’t forget to check out her blog and Instagram!! THANK YOU AGAIN, COURTNEY! xx



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