I'm so crazy about celebrating a little lady time every February! We have so much fun passing out cards and drinking some much deserved wine, gossiping about what happened on Real Housewives...

january 21, 2017

Even though I try to paint the internet with color on a weekly basis, I have to admit my wardrobe is a little less diverse...

january 5, 2017

I am so excited about this little clay DIY project! I’ve been getting kits from We Make Collective for the past few months but have only played around with a few items... 

August 17, 2016


DIY Printable Wraps for the Oscars.

DIY Printable Wraps for the Oscars

DIY Printable Wraps for the Oscars

You guys! The Oscars are this weekend, are you ready?! I watched all the Oscar Nominations except one, and I’ve seen just about all the nominations on the ballot. I don’t know why I care so much about these awards, but I love film and love to see all the cool red carpet interviews and outfits. I swear my goal in life is to somehow attend the Oscars. Don’t know how, but I want to! My favorite picks this year are for La La Land, but I have to say, Lion tugged at my heart strings. Ugh, have you seen it yet? It’s so f#*&ing good, plus I love Dev Patel. (Side note – Zootopia was one of the best animated movies I’ve ever seen…it was surprisingly heartfelt and touches on race, drugs, and policy.)

Of course when you are watching these things, you’ve got to have legit snacks within arm’s reach. Popcorn is my absolute go-to, but I like to mix mine with white chocolate KitKats or Junior Mints…plus a hint of sprinkles. These printouts can easily be applied to paper cups or bowls with a little glue. Just trim off the excess paper! :) You can download yours here. And if you are craving cookies, these adorable Oscar Statue ones will be a total hit.

DIY Printable Wraps for the Oscars

DIY Printable Wraps for the Oscars

You can also get those amazing Oscar Pick Printables from Studio DIY! Every year she makes the best ones! Alright, so who are you voting for? What was your favorite film this year?! I want to know!



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