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Mar 10

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We’re heading off to Las Vegas next week for a quick little vacation and I cannot wait! I’ve been in a funk lately and need to get out of this city and really enjoy the sun and chillaxing poolside. I promise to have at least one alcoholic beverage in my hand at all times because that’s how I roll. It’s been an interesting couple weeks and I have seriously fallen behind on blogging. My old DSLR broke and my dad let me borrow his Nikon…It’s a really great camera but I am having such a hard time transitioning from Canon! Has anyone else had this problem?! Well with that, take a gander at these super cool links I found and try to have a great weekend!

  1. I’ve been obsessing over Lizzie Darden’s new YouTube Channel!
  2.  Yep, Lucky Charms Chocolate Bark by Aww, Sam. Looks tasty!
  3. Super cute Horseshoe Necklace DIY to try this weekend.
  4. This balloon backdrop is giving me all the Summer feels.
  5. I am crazy about this sleeping mask, pictured above by the way!
  6. And this candle from Ankit smells soooo good.
  7. I really wish I was going to Prom again…
  8. Never knew you could make such cute shit with Shutterfly!
  9. Finally seeing this next week, woo!
  10. Excited to see the Hot Glue DIY is going strong!


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