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january 21, 2017

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january 5, 2017

I am so excited about this little clay DIY project! I’ve been getting kits from We Make Collective for the past few months but have only played around with a few items... 

August 17, 2016


Springtime Bedroom Revamp

You may not know it up here in Seattle, but Spring is here and I am soooo happy! During the winter months our bedroom tends to be overrun with hideous flannel blankets, dirty laundry, and just piles of random winter clothes that have accumulated over the past few months. We go into full hibernation mode and could really care less about our bedroom. I hate to admit it, but I hear people like transparency online nowadays so I would be lying through my teeth if I said our room looks like this year round. ;)

With that said, once the sun starts showing it’s oh so glorious face around these parts, it’s time to clean up and let the light pour in. A few days ago, I was inspired by Leesa, an online mattress company, to refreshen my room and I was immediately ready to take on spring cleaning! First we start packing away the oversized jackets and sweaters so we have more space, and then donate whatever we don’t want. We swap out our winter cover for a lighter one and a white duvet.  I hate this part because I’m lazy and it’s never fun replacing a duvet cover… After we’ve cleared out the junk, now it’s time to bring in some color! * swoon *

I think I have about 5 candles staggered throughout our room and they all smell like tropical destinations, ha! Next I add in plants and greenery to spruce up the bedroom. I don’t know why, but adding plants always makes a room feel more homey, anyone else? I also bring out my pretty books for inspiration and styling.

Finally the finishing touches – blankets and pillows! As you may have guessed, I’m a huge fan of pink and I am the luckiest girl in the world who has a boyfriend who doesn’t care. It’s a blessing for sure. I used to have lots and lots of throw pillows, but this one from Lulu & Georgia was a dream and I love the minimal look. I also grabbed a super soft green throw from their site. The pink and green combo screams Spring!

And Felix sure does love the new look! His cat naps are way better in the sun.

So how do you revamp your bedroom for Spring? I want to know so leave a comment below!


Brass Globe Sconce DIY | Pink Lumbar Pillow (similar) | Lime Green Throw | Pink Glasses | Bora Bora Hammered Bowl Candle | Nightstands (similar) | Sweet Sangria Candle | Threaded Pot DIY | Rug

P.S. Oh and don’t forget to check out The Sweet Home’s review on why Leesa is the best foam mattress around! Plus, their 10 inch feel-good foam mattresses are 100% American made!



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