Weekend Vibes

May 20

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Weekend Vibes

Well here we are, another Friday and another day closer to the weekend. I’ve been busy this week and a lot of emotions happening! Today is Griffin’s 29th Birthday so I’m taking him to dinner and then a shopping trip to where else but the stadium to buy some hats? Or jerseys? Either way it will be fun and I’m excited! Here are some links to start your daydreaming while you pretend to work until 5pm.

LOUNGE UNDER THIS…Cute umbrellas! 
SIP ON THIS…Pineapple Coconut Rum French Soda. 
PRINT OUT THIS… Happy Weekending Print.
SWIM IN THIS…Mexico, hello!
EAT THIS…Pineapple and Flamingo Sugar Cookies.
VISIT THIS…Hot Pink building in Mexico.

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