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Not only have do we love blogging about cool stuff, but we also offer creative content services to build your online presence in a super fun and colorful way!

We promise lots of the office references and dry sarcasm if that helps you keep scrolling...


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I'm Alyson, the one behind this blog. Every week I share stories through photography, writing, and experiences, all while shamelessly plugging my shop because the stuff is cute AF. With a degree in Interior Design and an affinity for bright colors and texture, it only made sense to transform Bash Studio into a blog bursting with colors, printables, and art. Plus I get to zen out in my happy place, so win-win.

I'm Alyson!

I also watch way too much tv and I'm totally okay with that.

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Adding plants to your home is kind of awesome

What is slow living and why does it work?

Our favorite DIY projects

Like awesome content? Well, you should join the list! The Weekend Club is all about fun, spending time on self care, and helping other creatives feel good about marketing themselves online. Spend the weekend chilling out and trying some DIYs or taking a much needed bath before Monday when Carol won't stop talking about her new turtle.

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I cannot stop nabbing up all the cute ass pots I've been seeing lately! It's almost to the point that I have more pots than plants, oops! Adding plants to our home has been so rewarding...



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Do you dread Birthdays because you stress the gift-giving part? Or do you just straight up forget and have to scramble last minute? I feel for you, I really do...



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If you work from home, or just like having a work/life balance, a home workspace is a great place to start. Our apartment is very small, and so the 'studio' is nestled into a corner...

Creating a happy workspace


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